I was speaking with a customer recently who is going to build a home here at Squam River Landing.  Our discussion prompted him to ask a simple question yet my answer gave both of us a greater appreciation for life here at Squam.  He asked, “What makes living at Squam Lake special compared to other beautiful lake communities?”  I need to first point out that the answer is really more about the “why” and not the “what.”  Yes, there are many areas in and around New Hampshire to have a home whether you enjoy living near the water or the mountains.  Squam Lake like other areas in the lakes region of New Hampshire has many homes with owners from away.  This means the homes are considered vacation or second homes for the residents. 

But why is Squam Lake special?  The answer to this question differs depending on who is asked.  Some people may say it is the deep-seated conservation ethic within the Squam Watershed or the historical connection to generations of families vacationing on Squam.  But the answer I offered my customer which truly came from my own “why” moment with Squam is when you live here or visit regularly, you become a part of this community.  You are recognized as a friend and a member of the community.  Everyone who calls Squam home, whether it is home on the weekends or home all year long, live here for the same reason- for a better quality of life.  I grew up in what I consider a thriving tourist town, Orlando Florida, and I’ve lived throughout the country in communities driven by tourism.   Never before have I experienced a community such as this, where they welcome you as a local even when most of the year you live miles away.   So for me, Squam is uniquely different because the community appreciates all who come to find a better quality of life around the lake.