What does Tuckerman’s Ravine have to do with managing a real estate development project?

Tuckerman’s Ravine is a forbidding and barren rock face locally known as the birthplace of extreme skiing. The highest wind speeds ever recorded, waterfalls and massive boulders converge to serve as the foundation to hold a winter’s worth of snow measuring up to a depth of 150 feet. Each spring, as the harsh edges of the passing winter eases, the challenge to conquer this ravine begins, and the formidable obstacles are overcome. The climb to base camp demands strength, endurance, tenacity and purpose. The descent is an act of faith, followed by clear sense of accomplishment. The ravine conquered, the obstacles overcome, the goal achieved.

Our team of fourteen came together through the vision and leadership of two men, Geoff and Craig, and we shared a common goal. Geoff and Craig were attempting to become the first mono skiers to ski Tuckerman’s Ravine. Both physically challenged from the waist down. Geoff and Craig are driven by uncommonly strong hearts, clear heads and gifted souls. Their unrelenting perseverance, humility, geoff krillintelligence and gracious acknowledgement of our team efforts inspired the arduous climb to base camp. Crevasses in the thawing snow pack, fields of blue ice atop flowing water, rocks, fallen trees and ever changing terrain guided the overwhelming experience of our ski down. Planning, teamwork, personal character and a bit of luck ensured our team’s success.

Developing a real estate project requires planning, teamwork, personal character and a bit of luck. Whether climbing a mountain or developing real estate, challenges will need to be met and obstacles overcome. Planning requires clear objectives, technical acumen, thorough due diligence and adequate contingencies. Teamwork evolves from common values, shared purpose, selfless actions, a whole understanding and acceptance of the project demands. Personal character is defined simply by truth and accountability. Planning, teamwork and personal character can move mountains, a little bit of luck lightens the load.