Project Description

The original 270 acres of Sedgemeadow housed the last known working dairy farm in the metro west area of Massachusetts. The farm had fallen into financial difficulties and was being foreclosed on.

Public and private sector entities had spent years trying to create a development approach that could win approval from many opposing agendas. The development solution preserved 234 acres of the 270 acres for use by conservation groups. The remaining 36 acres was subdivided, governed by design review covenants to manage the construction and design process.

The project also included the oversight of a large scale environmental clean up of a hazardous waste dumping site, and restoration of land previously used as a gravel pit.

Following the land development, we managed the design and construction of four high end custom homes including Victorian, Cape, and Colonial Farmhouse styles.

Project Summary: 270 Acre Land Subdivision, Remediation, Custom Homes

Total Project Sales: $16,000,000

Financing: The Triangle Group, Private Equity

Primary Services: A Northland Residential Project, project management services involved with acquisitions, land planning, approvals, site development, site remediation and home construction.